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Partner Program

nhance the quality of your services

SolDevelo Products Parnter Program

This program is directed to Atlassian Solution Partners who would like to enhance the quality of their services by having a direct impact on what they deliver to their customers.

With our Partners program, you get access to various benefits that help you offer exactly what your customers need.

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About SolDevelo

SolDevelo is a rapidly growing IT company with a focus on delivering high-quality software and cutting edge solutions from the area of information technology. With more than 230 realized projects in more than 20 locations over the globe, we are proud to be an appreciated and trusted partner for our clients.

The holistic approach to our clients’ needs guarantees their satisfaction with the outcome, which is a successful project completed within the given timeframe. The ability to solve complex problems also allows us to create our products so that they are designed to meet or exceed the end-users’ expectations and impress with their quality.

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Our Products

We design & develop Apps for Atlassian Jira

It is a great adventure to create products from scratch, to watch as they are used and evaluated by Jira users in real-time.

Building solutions admired by Customers, who appreciate our expertise in software development has been a pleasure, fun, and inspiring experience. It motivates us to go many more extra miles and to achieve better results every day.

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Worklogs – Time Tracking
and Reports

Time tracking for members of your team done in an easy and flexible way.

Multiple Checklists - shadow
Multiple Checklists for Jira

Organize work like never before! Divide your tasks into actionable checklist items and stay clear on what still needs to be done.

QAlity Plus – Test Management
for Jira

Plan and execute tests with minimal effort so that you and your team stay focused on a common goal

Our partners

Your benefits

SolDevelo Products Partner Program offers various profits for your business.
Differentiate your company through the following benefits

Ability to schedule an online tour through the selected app

Need to know more about one or more of our apps? No problem! You can schedule an online tour where our experts will walk you through all of the features and answer your or your client’s questions.

Propose features and additions to our apps

Propose any new features that your customers are asking for and we will prioritize them for development! We will also estimate the delivery dates so you can forward it to your customers.

One free license for demo or testing

One free license for each of our apps, so that you can easily demo or test it on your instance.

Discounted licenses

Depending on your sales, we can offer additional discounts for our licenses

Priority support

If your customer is experiencing any problems or has any questions, we offer prioritized support for our partners in answering those questions or fixing issues.

A link to your website

We will recognize you as a partner in the partners’ section.

Need anything else?

How to start?

If you would like to become our Products Partner, you have to fulfill 3 conditions


Sell a product

Sell at least one license of our product to a customer within the last 6 months or publish at least one article that mentions any of our apps.


Be a partner

Be the Atlassian Solutions Partner (any level).


Confirm your partnership

Send a message via our contact form with a note that you would like to be enrolled in the Program. Please include your official Atlassian Solution Partner name and contact e-mail.

In order to continue the partnership

Actively help us make our apps better and reach more clients. This can be achieved by offering our apps to your clients, forwarding us their feedback, publishing blog posts/articles about our apps and more…

We evaluate partnerships every 6 months.

Contact us

Wish to explore the partnership opportunities with us? Drop us a message and we will be in touch!

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